2022 - Action

A sanitation worker named Clean works late at night in the freezing cold, collecting the city’s garbage. When he returns home, he cooks two meals and gives one to the young Dianda, who lives with her grandmother, Ethel. Clean attends meetings for former drug addicts and seeks redemption for past mistakes by doing good deeds. Unfortunately, in his path he meets Michael, a dangerous criminal and drug dealer. Things get worse when Dianda goes to a party with Michael’s son, Mikey; he and his friends drug her and try to abuse her. Clean, arrived at the party, kills all those present giving vent to silenced instincts for too long. Mikey, badly injured, prompts Michael to swear revenge. Clean realizes that he has to protect Dianda and Ethel, and he knows that running away won’t do any good.

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Directed by Paul Solet Cast Adrien Brody, Chandler DuPont, Michelle Wilson, Glenn Fleshler, Richie Merritt