Black Bits

2023 - Thriller

Dora and Beth, lovers and young thieves, pull off a heist against a mysterious company active on the Dark Web, obtaining valuable next-generation neurochips. Reaching a Safe House hidden in the mountains for the potential money exchange of the stolen devices, they soon realize that this seemingly peaceful place actually hides something strange. All types of connections are absent, food supplies are rationed, and a man unrelated to the exchange with ambiguous behavior approaches them, arousing numerous suspicions. The subsequent disappearance of the neurochips is only the first piece of a far more dangerous and complex puzzle that will force them into a deadly struggle for survival where nothing is as it seems.

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Directed by Alessio Liguori Cast Yvonne Mai, Jordan Alexandra, Sebastian Fabijański Produced by Minerva Pictures, Play Entertainment e Agresywna Band (Polonia) Written by Daniele Cosci, Fabio Sieni, Carlo Andrea Maucci