Addio al nubilato 2

Second chapter of the lovely Addio al nubilato. In a wonderful hotel on the seashore, preparations are underway for Eleonora’s wedding. Each of the excited bridesmaids – Vanessa, Linda and Akiko (expecting Billo) – gives the bride an accessory to make the outfit more chic. Even Polina, her mother, has something for her, a box that brings joy: “they belonged to your poor father. The only thing left of him”. Eleonora is forbidden to see that inside there is not a jewel as she expected but three teeth, ‘relic’ of her father who was killed years before in an attack. Since then Polina asks her to satisfy her father’s desire to be buried in Gorizia, in a small cemetery on the border between Italy and Slovenia.

Here begins a new adventure for Linda, Eleonora, Akiko and Vanessa, which will take them on an unforgettable road trip, which has the main goal of allowing Eleonora to forget the wedding. The characters will travel from South to North, in a whirlwind of adventures, to finally arrive in a small family house in Gorizia, where they will discover new sides of their respective personalities that they couldn’t imagine.

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Directed by Francesco Apolloni Cast Laura Chiatti, Antonia Liskova, Chiara Francini, Jun Ichikawa