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Django Western lands on Prime Video Channels: the greatest masterpieces of western cinema all in one unmissable channel!

29 May 2024

Minerva Pictures expands its digital offerings with the launch of Django Western, which joined Amazon Prime Video’s lineup of thematic channels on May 29.

Django Western is the new home for one of the most beloved film genres of all time: the western. It features a rich, constantly updated selection that ranges from Sergio Corbucci’s master gunslinger Django to Mario Gariazzo’s bounty hunter Acquasanta Joe, from the breathtaking chases of Sergio Garrone to Duccio Tessari’s vengeful Ringo, from Sergio Sollima’s Mexican bandits to Edoardo Mulargia’s Django and Giuliano Carnimeo’s mysterious Hallelujah. Expect gun duels, vast prairies, spurs, stunning sunsets, and vintage drinks: all the timeless epic of the great West in a single channel.

Featured films at launch include: “The Price of Power” (1969) by Tonino Valerii, “Acquasanta Joe” (1971) by Mario Gariazzo, “A Dollar Between the Teeth” (1967) by Luigi Vanzi, “Blind Man” (1971) by Ferdinando Baldi, “Dead 7” (2016) by Danny Roew, “A Few Dollars for Django” (1966) by León Klimovsky and Enzo G. Castellari, “Little Rita of the West” (1967) by Ferdinando Baldi, “Fort Apache” (1948) and “She Wore a Yellow Ribbon” (1949), both directed by John Ford, “The Stranger Returns” (1967) by Luigi Vanzi, “F.T.W. – Fuck The World” (1994) by Michael Karbelnikoff, “Dead Men” (2018) by Royston Innes, “Hostile Territory” (2022) by Brian Presley, and many more.

Django Western is the sixth Minerva Pictures channel on Prime Video Channels, joining The Film Club, Rarovideo Channel, Full Action, Minerva Classic, and LaF – Feltrinelli Media Collection. Minerva Pictures’ channels on Amazon Prime Video are accessible to Prime Video subscribers with an additional subscription, which can be canceled at any time.

Exclusively for Prime Video subscribers, Django Western offers a 14-day free trial, followed by a €4.99 monthly subscription. Additionally, Django Western will soon be available on The Film Club platform, further expanding viewing opportunities for western genre enthusiasts.