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31 March 2023

The Film Club is media partner of Cortinametraggio, the most important Italian Short film Festival, set in Cortina d’Ampezzo from 21 to 26 march.

The Film Club will host the works in competition, making them available for viewing: an accurate selection of Italian short films of no more than 20 minutes, made during 2022-2023, belonging to all narrative genres, from horror to comedy, through science fiction, crime, thriller and drama.

As part of the event, The Film Club will award the Audience Award. The audience in the room will decide the winner through the appropriate evaluation sheets.

Cortinametraggio and TheFilm Club share a common vision which identifies cinema for its cultural and social value. Over the years the Festival has established itself as a great source of talent, offering an important showcase to generations of directors and actors.
The Film Club, it is the first platform in Italy committed to bringing audiences back to theatres, giving its premium subscribers a cinema entrance valid for the first Thursday of the month, in order to support the entire industry.

«We are very proud of this collaboration, which proves the quality level of our exhibition, almost twenty years after the first edition» comments Maddalena Mayneri, founder, director and soul of Cortinametraggio. Just like us, Minerva Pictures believes in the potential of short films, a launch pad and a test bed for ninety percent of new directors. Investing in this field means promoting Italian cinema as a whole and encouraging talent».

«We have always been interested in the short film, a very high artistic form capable of expressing new sensibilities and new realities» says Gianluca Curti, CEO of Minerva Pictures. «So we are making The Film Club the home of Cortinametraggio. I am sure that the collaboration with Maddalena Mayneri and her team will lead to great news and initiatives that will cross both national and international borders in the digital field, which has always been central in our cultural and industrial vision».