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Black Bits, by Alessio Liguori, in cinemas from the 3rd August

20 July 2023

Black Bits will be released on 3 August in all Italian cinemas, the new film directed by Alessio Liguori, former director of Shortcut (2020), the first Italian film to return to the US boxoffice top ten since La vita è bella.

Black Bits is an adrenaline-fuelled sci-fi thriller with an international cast, an Italy-Poland co-production, produced by Minerva Pictures, Simona Ferri, Agresywna Banda and distributed in cinemas by Minerva Pictures in collaboration with Altre Storie.

On the threshold of a new era, already imagined by film and literature – said the director Alessio Liguori – With the development of artificial intelligence and its attendant risks, with the enhancement of computing by quantum computers, the virtual merges with reality, especially with the announced development of neurochip technology. BLACK BITS fits perfectly into this context by imagining the development of neural technology and its potential and dangerous playful uses. Analogue reality merges with virtual and voyeuristic reality, and the boundary between the real and the imaginary is crossed and manipulated. A film built on tension and mystery wrapped up in a spiral that explodes in the final action where twists and turns dominate.


Hacking and robbing the Black Bits, a company active in the dark web, seemed an impossible feat that Dora and Beth nevertheless accomplished. They are now in possession of two priceless state-of-the-art neurochips and are hiding out in a futuristic ‘Safe House’ far away from the rest of the world. However, their well-earned tranquillity is shattered by strange events and an unexpected human presence: Hank, a taciturn-looking man who doesn’t fit into their plans at all. Who is he really? And what does he want from them? The two girls must watch their backs and prepare for the worst. The reality around them is more dangerous than they imagine and nothing is as it seems…