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Bachelorette Party 2 – Neverland from October 17 on Prime Video

28 September 2023

After the huge success of the first chapter, the protagonists of Bachelorette Party return for a new adventure. Laura Chiatti, Antonia Liskova, Jun Ichikawa and Chiara Francini, once again directed by Francesco Apolloni, will find themselves involved in an unexpected on the road journey.

Bachelorette Party 2 – Neverland, produced by Minerva Pictures in collaboration with Rai Cinema and Prime Video, awaits you, only on Prime Video, from October 17.


When Eleonora (Antonia Liskova) is dumped on the aisle, her honeymoon turns into a desperate journey. She will have to travel from North to South to fulfill her father’s last will: to bury a curious relic in a field on the border with Slovenia. Beside her the inseparable friends Vanessa (Chiara Francini), Linda (Laura Chiatti) and Akiko (Jun Ichikawa). The ladies will start an unforgettable road trip, which, in a whirlwind of adventures, will lead them to a small home in Gorizia, where they will face unknown aspects of their own characters.