Milano Calibro 9

1972 - Crime

Fernando Di Leo signed his most famous work and one of the most famous Italian noirs. Shot in 1972, it is part of an exciting trilogy – the Milieu trilogy –  that includes “La Mala Ordina” and “The Boss”. The film features a gallery of characters in the70s society during the years of protest; from Ugo Piazza with his ice-blue eyes and lucid mind, to the imposing and gritty Rocco Musco, a man of honor and faithful of The American, but even the beautiful Nelly, of overflowing sensuality, and Chino, killer of solitary and mysterious profession. The whole plot revolves around the vanishing of 300,000 dollars, coming from shady trafficking run by the underworld, which will soon bring floods of lead and death.

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Directed by Fernando Di Leo Cast Mario Adorf, Gastone Moschin, Barbara Bouchet, Frank Wolff, Luigi Pistilli, Ivo Garrani, Philippe Leroy